• Due to our vast expertise in hospitality, events and services provided to government entity’s, we were selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stage the largest event ever held in Brazil attended by heads of government. To meet the demands of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio +20, which took place from June 12-23, 2012, we handled agency services for lodging, food and events in hotels located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In total, 506 groups from 185 different countries were accommodated, totaling 11,000 people and more than 100 Heads of State or Government.

Agência oficial da World Skills 2015

  • Realização da logística de hospedagem de todos os 79 países participantes. Hospedamos mais de 5 mil participantes oficiais do evento em 50 hotéis em São Paulo. Mais de 700 pessoas foram atendidas em 30 eventos extra oficiais, além de realização de city tour para cerca de 400 pessoas simultaneamente.