Engaging in cultural and language exchange in the XXI century is linked with personal and professional growth, indispensable for the current globalized market. Our area of cultural exchange, educational & business enhancement offers the best destinations and partnerships with renowned institutions for gaining knowledge and improving your second language.

In 2013, Terramar forged ahead, providing a cultural exchange program with Paula Souza Center which embarked 615 students and teachers for General English courses in the United States, New Zealand and England, and 356 students for Argentina and France, along with an intense cultural program coordinated by specialized monitors. In 2014, the total will be 710 students and the program will also include Spain and Chile as a destination for Spanish language, Spain for teachers and Chile for students.

In addition to the unique service exclusively for groups, we also provide exchange services for companies wanting to offer their employees opportunities to gain knowledge.

Check out all the categories for English or Spanish learning for groups:


High School

Become fluent in English and get ahead in your personal and professional life. Make this experience change your life.


English Challenge

Challenge yourself to learn the English language in a fun way, with cultural tours and entertainment.


Hablando Español

You need to understand the second most spoken language in several countries worldwide. Become fluent in Spanish with the possibility of getting to know the world.

Student Testimonials

“I formed friendships and learned more Spanish. I got to know and interacted with a culture different from my own and experienced things that I'm sure I'll take with me for a lifetime, and one day tell my children and grandchildren!”

Student Larissa de Souza Lombardi
Coined - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“The experience that I had in London was fantastic! I met several people not only from England, but from France, Italy, Spain. I made good friends and I had a lot of fun, aside from realty improving my English skills.”

Student Vitor Luquini
Kensington Academy of English - London, England.

“I'll take this experience with me for the rest of my life. I'll live with another way of thinking, another philosophy. I have dreamed, lived and accomplished. I’m capable when I believe in myself. Now nobody can hold me back! I never could have imagined the experiences I had. Thank you.”

Student Katy Franciele da Silva Ferreira
FLS - Boston, USA